All That Remains of One Kenyan School

RIFT VALLEY, KENYA: A BBC photo essay of the Fadhili Academy (view images)

UNHCR Appeals for $90 Million for IDPs

GENEVA: The U.N. refugee agency is launching a $90 million appeal to assist millions of internally displaced people (IDPs) in the Central African Republic, Chad, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Liberia and Uganda. (read more)

George Clooney Named UN Messenger of Peace

NEW YORK: George Clooney has been designated by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as a United Nations Messenger of Peace, to raise awareness of the world body’s peacekeeping efforts. Mr. Clooney, who will join eight other internationally renowned individuals as...(read more)

Coach Goes Barefoot to Raise Awareness

INDIANAPOLIS, IN: IUPUI basketball coach Ron Hunter got his pedicure, his game victory and more athletic shoes than he'll ever be able to carry to Africa in July. All on bare feet. Hunter completed one of the most inspirational walks this basketball season by coaching Thursday night's game shoeless for...(read more)

Film War/Dance Nominated for an Oscar

HOLLYWOOD, CA: The film War Dance about Patongo students/refugees competing in the National Music Competition has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. (read more)
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African Refugees Spurring Hunting of Endangered Species

NAIROBI, KENYA: Hungry refugees in Tanzania are eating chimpanzees and other endangered species in order to supplement their meager diet, international conservation group Traffic said on Tuesday. It said refugees living near national parks in northwestern Tanzania were also illegally...(read more)

Afghan Tent Ghetto Largely Forgotten, Says Tribal Leader

shinghazi1 shinghazi2
KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN: Bibi Shido can’t sleep at night but it has little to do with the fact her bed is nothing more than a pile of blankets on the ground of a makeshift tent in temperatures that have dipped below 10 degrees this unusually frigid winter. The grandmother of 11 is...(read more)

Uganda Returns Favour by Taking Kenya's Refugees

MALABA, UGANDA: Two weeks after violence erupted in Kenya over a disputed election, refugees are still trickling over the border into Uganda to reverse a tide of thousands that have fled bloodshed in the other direction. Looking tired and fearful as they ...(read more)

Northern Refugees Pressured to Vacate Camps

Uganda map
GULU, UGANDA: With huts being demolished and camp services cut, refugees now dread armed thugs and stalled peace talks. Christine Alanyo lives in the Lacor refugee camp, but would like nothing more than to finally settle in her home village, less than five kilometres away. But Alanyo, 23, is afraid that...(read more)

Stranded in the Desert, Darfur’s Refugees Live With an Endless War

CHAD: The sun rose and fell, spinning their shadows like a needle on a broken compass. They walked on swollen feet, breathed though dry throats, watched the horizon. Someone shouted. Men on horses trotted into...(read more)

Iraqi Refugee Return Driven By Lack of Money

Egypt stats
CAIRO, EGYPT: According to the UNHCR, of the estimated 2.2 million Iraqis who have fled their country since the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, some 70,000 came to Egypt. However, various local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the Egyptian government estimate their number to be between 100,000 and...(read more)

UNHCR Assistance for Displaced Kenyans

KENYA: UNHCR is providing relief supplies to tens of thousands of Kenyans displaced by the recent turmoil in the East African country, where they already care for more than 270,000 refugees from elsewhere in Africa. They're making available...(read more)

U.S. to Accept 10,000 Bhutanese Refugees From Nepal

NEPAL: The United States will accept 10,000 Bhutanese refugees living in Nepal under the first phase of a refugee rehabilitation program, U.S. ambassador to Nepal Nancy J. Powell said on Wednesday, according to local media house's website THT Online Thursday. Powell said...(read more)