Water Shortages Are Increasingly Driving Conflicts

NEW YORK: Many of today's conflicts around the world are being fuelled or exacerbated by water shortages and climate change is only making the situation worse, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the General Assembly today. (read more)

UNHCR Channel on YouTube Reports from the Field

Go to YouTube's UNHCR Channel for more video reports from around the world.

World Food Program's Hunger Hot Spots

ROME, ITALY: The UN's World Food Program has developed an interactive map charting the hot spots around the world where food is needed most. Click here for the full report country by country.

Attacks Force UNHCR to Leave Eastern Chad

ABECHE, CHAD: A series of armed attacks on the UN refugee agency and other aid organizations forced UNHCR on Thursday to evacuate most of its staff from its office in Guereda. In the last 72 hours, five vehicles belonging to...(read more)

UNHCR Continues Operations in Eastern Chad with Reduced Staff: The fighting in Chad has caused at least 20 thousand Chadians to flee to neighboring Cameroon and as many as three thousand to Nigeria. The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) and the Red Cross are providing assistance to the new arrivals in Cameroon. (read more)