All That Remains of One Kenyan School

RIFT VALLEY, KENYA: A BBC photo essay of the Fadhili Academy (view images)

African Refugees Spurring Hunting of Endangered Species

NAIROBI, KENYA: Hungry refugees in Tanzania are eating chimpanzees and other endangered species in order to supplement their meager diet, international conservation group Traffic said on Tuesday. It said refugees living near national parks in northwestern Tanzania were also illegally...(read more)

Uganda Returns Favour by Taking Kenya's Refugees

MALABA, UGANDA: Two weeks after violence erupted in Kenya over a disputed election, refugees are still trickling over the border into Uganda to reverse a tide of thousands that have fled bloodshed in the other direction. Looking tired and fearful as they ...(read more)

UNHCR Assistance for Displaced Kenyans

KENYA: UNHCR is providing relief supplies to tens of thousands of Kenyans displaced by the recent turmoil in the East African country, where they already care for more than 270,000 refugees from elsewhere in Africa. They're making available...(read more)