US envoy in Sudan expresses disappointment over Bashir speech

July 24, 2008 (Al-FASHER) — The US charge d’affaires, Alberto Fernandez said he was “disappointed” with the speech of the Sudanese president Omar Hassan Al-Bashir that he made in Darfur. (read more)

UNHCR needs more funds to help Southern Sudan refugees go home

SUDAN, Jul 17: We issued a press release concerning the US $11.9 million shortfall in funding for the Southern Sudan repatriation and reintegration operation which could undermine efforts to repatriate refugees who wish to go home in the second half of this year. (read more)

Chad demands removal of Sudanese refugees, or it will move them

N'DJAMENA, CHAD: Chad's prime minister demanded the international community remove hundreds of thousands of Darfur refugees from the country, ...
(read more)

U.N. says 'terrified' refugees flee Sudan's Darfur

GENEVA: UNHCR says it's scrambling to get aid to thousands of stranded villagers fleeing Sudan's Darfur region to neighboring Chad. (read more)

Stranded in the Desert, Darfur’s Refugees Live With an Endless War

CHAD: The sun rose and fell, spinning their shadows like a needle on a broken compass. They walked on swollen feet, breathed though dry throats, watched the horizon. Someone shouted. Men on horses trotted into...(read more)